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Avrio AI Delivers Transformative Experiences To Candidates & Companies

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Future Proof Hiring

Future Proof by design, Avrio AI keeps you ahead of the hiring game effortlessly. Every candidate and every company benefits from  all the learning in the platform. 

DEI: Enduring Answers to Enduring Problems

Diversity and Inclusion is deeply architected in Avrio AI. Our AI is blind to gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, and we only use location data for proximity and not socio-economic judgment. All profiles can be blinded before sending to hiring managers to practically eliminate chances of a bias reaction. 

Secure, Compliant and Privacy Preserving

Avrio AI is GDPR and OFFCP Compliant out of the box. Every human interaction, recruiter or hiring manager is completely private. Avrio AI is well ahead of the AI Regulatory regimes in the US and EU.  So go ahead, and make some hires.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Futuristic AI for transformative experiences

Image by Tetiana Shevereva

The promise of AI is to let humans do what they are best at, and let the machines sweat the details. Avrio AI meets that by empowering everyone to focus on hiring relationships and success.

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