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Dive Into The Most Advanced AI Platform For Hiring


Auto-Source from 100 Million Opt-In Candidates. That finds the right pool of  candidates within minutes for any job in any industry. 


Rio is the industry's most intelligent Chatbot. Rio delivers a personalized scorecard to every candidate and has a rich, personalized conversation with every candidate about their skills, capabilities, interest and availability for specific jobs. 


Avrio Auto-Schedules Interviews with only the top scoring candidates directly on your calendar instantly. You only interview top candidates. 


 Avrio AI's Industry Leading FitScore Technology creates a personalized scorecard for every candidate for every job and tells you exactly why a candidate is Selected for Screening. 

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Start hiring in minutes. 

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Avrio AI is intuitive, sophisticated and personalized out of the box. Integrations with your HRIS, ATS, CRM, are done through our mature API's. 

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