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Rio: Personalized Conversations At Scale

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Invite Only the Best

Rio never invites the wrong candidate for the wrong job. Rio only invite candidates with the highest FitScore to connect the right candidates to your recruiting teams instantly.

100% Personalized

World-class matching capabilities allow Rio to have personalized conversations with individual candidates,  that are customized to a specific job. It's the opposite of a random walk. 

Intelligent Conversation at Scale

Rio is intelligent and precise in its conversations with candidates for a particular job offering an unprecedented experience to the candidate. Rio talks to millions of candidates for thousands of jobs, everyday only to find the best for your recruiting teams. 

Image by Tim Mossholder

Power Of Personalized Conversations At Scale

Image by Tetiana Shevereva


Every conversation with Rio is unique. Every question , every response is based on a special mix of data available to Rio from the entire platform. 

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