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Josh Bersin and HR Tech Market 2021 Report.

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Josh Bersin and team's compelling perspective based on primary and secondary research, and market intelligence is an excellent read for any HRTech practitioner.

Hidden Skills

Download PDF • 2.84MB

Take a close look at the chart below. If you read right to left, I think it's pretty straightforward to see that certain Jobs lead to certain roles that require capabilities and skills. When you read the chart from the ground up, in this case right to left, you see that the basis for roles and jobs is shaky at best, and non-existent at worst.

What's incredible is how little insight most HR Technology offers into a persons skills & capabilities that directly and deeply affects how someone is viewed from a hiring perspective and equally importantly how the person views themselves in relation to the job, role.

Avrio AI's 13 Million Skills and Capabilities

The key promise of Artificial Intelligence is that AI can find subtle signals in large data sets that humans will miss. For example a human reviewer could know the meaning and context of perhaps a 1,000 capabilities and skills and they could fill in the blanks in their brain when they don't see a particular thing listed on the job or on the candidate resume or profile. You know what's really cool about Avrio AI?

We can infer meaning and resonance for 13 Million Skills and Capabilities. That means that even when a job description or a candidate resume or profile does not have particulars mentioned in them, Avrio AI figures out that there is a good chance that the job requires particular skills and capabilities and most importantly : that the candidate likely has particular skills and capabilities, even when they are not mentioned anywhere.

Avrio AI can infer particular skills and capabilities required for the job and of the candidate even if they don't appear in the data.

Watch this video that'll help explain the underlying mechanisms that make this incredible thing happen.

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