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Profit from AI 

Your placements depend on timely and high quality submittals. Before Avrio AI, you could only get one or the other. With Avrio AI you get both, at scale. You get high quality submittals within minutes of getting a job requisition across your company. That gets your high quality candidate in front of the client first. You only pay for placements, the rest of the profit is yours. 

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Convert, Convert, Convert.

Avrio AI reaches out to the best matched candidates first. Then, Avrio AI has a meaningful screening-in conversation, confirms interest, availability and rate, and intelligently schedules the candidate for an interview with your recruiter if all criteria are met.

It works across all your jobs in minutes, across time zones and using your live calendar.

Setup a time and increase your conversion rate. 

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Waste Less

We’ve all paid too much to get too little over the years. Avrio AI ends that. No more paying for promises. Only pay for results. Your clients don’t pay you until you get a placement. We respect that. Avrio AI is the only platform in the world where you only pay for placements. Let’s not waste any more money on questionable results. Learn more